The mosquito is more than just an insect that tends to be bothersome in the summer months. They offer a few qualities that are interesting to learn about if you take the time to understand the inner workings of the insect.

Although there are numerous animals that kill other animals and even people, the mosquito is among the deadliest on earth. The reason is because the mosquito is capable of carrying almost any kind of disease that can be transmitted by blood from one person or animal to another. The only mosquito that will bite you is the female. She needs the nutrients that your blood offers to care for her babies.

There are a few mosquitoes across the world that don’t rely on humans to survive. They live on the blood given by other animals and plants. There are some mosquitoes that thrive on the blood of reptiles while others enjoy a meal from the blood of birds.

It might seem like mosquitoes can quickly fly from one area of the yard to another, but they are actually very slow compared to other insects. Most mosquitoes only fly about a mile an hour, which means that they have difficulties getting from one food source to another. If they find a water supply outside your home, they will usually set up their home in the container so that they have somewhere to lay their eggs instead of continuing their journey.

In order to attract a mate, mosquitoes will often synchronize the beating of their wings. This beating often resembles a dance that other mosquitoes will notice. It’s similar to mating rituals of other animals. The female and the male will begin to beat their wings in sync with each other when they connect and begin the mating process. Although mosquitoes do require a certain amount of water to lay their eggs, they only need about an inch. If you have standing water, it’s best to try to get rid of as much as possible to prevent an abundance of mosquitoes near the home.

The life span of a mosquito is about five months. Most only survive a few weeks or a few months because they tend to get swatted or exterminated. If you have mosquitoes near your home, MosquitoNix can safely and quickly get rid of them while treating for future inhabitants.