The Mosquito

As many of us know, the mosquito is a devilish insect that feasts on the blood of humans and other mammals. Everybody knows that the mosquito is an annoying pest but is much more to the insect that you probably didn’t know. It’s essential to get your facts right! We have prepared some important facts to know about the mosquito so that you can spread the knowledge.

The Factsmosquito facts

Warning! Everything listed is 100% true and some are very scary!

-The mosquito is responsible for killing more people per year than any other creature on planet earth.  These insects are no joke!

-Only the female mosquito is responsible for biting. Males sole purposes are for reproduction and pollination.

-There are over 3,500 different species of mosquitos.

-Mosquitos are extremely attracted to CO2. This is an unfortunate fact for humans because we are constantly releasing CO2!

-A mosquitos average lifespan is close to less than 2 months.

-A mosquito can go through its life cycle from being larvae to an adult within only 4 days!

-A female mosquito can lay up to 350 eggs at once!

-A good water source is 100% necessary for a mosquitos ability to survive. Water is a necessary factor for mosquito larvae. With no water, you have no mosquitos! You got to cut them off at the source!

-Mosquitos are known to be most active when temperatures exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Some mosquitos can ingest up to 3 times their body weight of their host’s blood.

-Some species of mosquitos are known to feed on the larvae of other mosquitos.

-Antibiotics are ineffective for mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquito-born diseases are actually viruses, therefore antibiotics are unable to combat them.

-Mosquitos have heat sensors near their mouth area that gives them the ability to sense the warmth of our bodies.

-Some people do not have reactions to mosquito bites at all! Unfortunately, most of us do!