Charleston is known for gracious living, delightful dining, beautiful beaches and mosquitoes. While you may enjoy the first three items, you most certainly don’t care for the last. Mosquitoes are annoying pests that cause painful, itchy bites and spread disease while sucking your blood. On the bright side, they are a quirky insect with some fascinating characteristics.

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Female Mosquitoes

An adult female mosquito usually lives only two to three weeks, but in that time they can lay a number of eggs that can hatch up to eight months later. An adult mosquito can, under the right conditions, live up to five or six months, particularly if you have bad aim or an ineffective citronella candle.

The female mosquitoes are responsible for the bloodsucking and the ensuing welts since they need blood protein to nourish their eggs. While they are attacking you, the males are off sucking down flower nectar.

Mosquito Mating

Mosquito love has a lot to do with their wings. Male and female mosquitoes listen for wing beats to find their mates. When they meet up, the happy pair synchronizes their wing speed. The pair that travels together, etc.

Mosquitoes do need water to breed, which is why you should keep moisture from collecting in your yard. Even a small puddle is enough for the mosquito eggs to develop, so dumping standing water is key if you want to discourage these pests from hanging around your home.

Human Hunting

The hungry female mosquito will travel up to 14 miles just to get to you and your blood. They find you by detecting your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. They are most active at night, so you may want to limit your evening outdoor activity until you get your mosquito population under control.

Mosquito Control

As fascinating as mosquitoes are, you are better off without them, especially since they carry diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile Virus. In the Charleston area, contact Mosquitonix for help. They use a special EPA-approved misting system that will get rid of outdoor pests quickly and safely. For more information, call 843-459-1108 or ask for a free online quote.