mosquito free backyard charleston mosquitoMosquitos in Charleston are more than just a nuisance. They can transmit serious illnesses, such as West Nile, encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever, and many others. One reason that mosquitos are dangerous disease carries is due to their direct access to your bloodstream. When a female mosquito feeds off of you, she draws from blood vessels. This contact may lead to viruses and bacteria spreading. Keeping mosquitos out of your yard limits your chances to get bitten.

Clean Up Your Yard

A poorly maintained yard offers many mosquito hiding places. Clean up any trash or items that get stored “just in case” they ever become useful. Lawn equipment should go in a shed or garage and outdoor toys can have a home in a deck tote.

Get Rid of Water Collectors

Anything that collects water after rain can lead to a mosquito invasion. They lay their eggs in standing water. They don’t need a deep pool for their larvae. Something as simple as the lip of an overturned bucket could offer a welcoming environment.

Ensure Plant Containers Have Proper Drainage

Flower pots without drainage holes can keep the soil damp enough that mosquitos can use it instead of standing water. You can drill holes into the bottom of your existing containers or transfer your plants to other pots.

Clear Your Gutters

Another place water can build up is in your gutters. If you have leaves or a lot of debris, then it won’t drain water correctly. A professional service can come out to help you if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself.

Mosquito Misting System in Charleston

Long-term mosquito control depends on killing the bugs already in your yard and keeping others from settling in. A mosquito misting system stops these invasive insects without hurting bees, pets, or your family members. This solution is EPA approved and biodegradable.

It activates several times per day to catch any mosquitos that might fly in between treatments. They die within an hour so you can quickly enjoy using your back yard.

You don’t have to share your lawn with mosquitos. These prevention and control methods will have you living mosquito-free in no time.

Give MosquitoNix Charleston, your local mosquito extermination company, to schedule a completely free consultation. We offer two industry-leading mosquito control solutions for your yard.  A budget friendly, flexible monthly Quicknix treatment program and a more permanent misting system solution.