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Keeping your family safe from the hungry bites of mosquitos is no easy feat, especially in the coming months.

Don’t let limiting the time your kids spend outside be the answer, use these tips to make sure your children have a safe, and fun summer outside.

1. Remove Any Standing Water from Areas Where Your Children Play

When your kids head outside, make sure that any plastic toys, tubs, old tires, and baby pools are all clear of standing water.

These are breeding grounds for mosquitos and when the delicious smell of your little ones playing outside reaches the noses of the pesky mosquitos around, they are far more likely to collect those itchy bumps.

2. Always Have a Mosquito Repellent On Hand

You can’t always control the environment surrounding your family, that means you need something to prevent bites when you are on the go.

There are a number of great mosquito repellents with a large variety of ingredients that will fit any family’s lifestyle.

From natural products, to strong deep wood varieties, always have your favorite on hand.

Check out products with DEET or Picaridin for a stronger defense and mosquito repellent wipes for ease on the go.

3. Call the Mosquito Control Professional to Protect Kids

Protecting your family from mosquitos is even easier with Mosquitonix Charleton’s large variety of products and mosquito control services. Mosquitonix has misting systems, fogging, and more to help keep your children safe and outside so that the whole family can enjoy their summer!