If you want to go outside without getting bit, then you are probably wondering what steps you can take to keep mosquitos away from you and your family. For all of recorded history, these flying insects have caused trouble for individuals from all walks of life. Itching, small bumps, and diseases are what you can expect from the parasites, and staying proactive is vital if you care about your health. Some people have asked whether mosquitos favor certain blood types, and learning the facts can give you an idea of how to prevent the problem. By learning to discourage mosquitos, you can take control of your yard and host your favorite events without stress.

Exploring the Blood Types Mythmosquito bite

To uncover why some people attract mosquitos more than others, we are going to examine the theory that these pests favor certain blood types, and turning to science will provide the answer for which you have been searching. In at least one study, mosquitos targeted Type O twice as much as the others. If you have Type O, don’t forget to take extra steps to safeguard your skin when you venture outside at night or in the evening. You will need to put in some effort, but reducing the number of bites that you will get is worth it.

Other Factors

While your blood type plays a role in the number of mosquito bites you can expect to receive, there are additional factors at which you will want to look. For example, the pests are quick to target those who wear dark colors. If you want to remain hidden from mosquitos, wearing white or light blue will help you reach your goal. Also, mosquitos won’t take long to pick up on your body heat or the carbon dioxide from your breath. This means that working out or being active will draw even more attention.

Staying Safe

Even though mosquitos can carry diseases and select their targets based on blood types, you can follow a plan that will reduce the mosquito population in your area. You can start by checking your yard for standing bodies of water and by removing them. People often opt for sprays and creams that promise to keep mosquitos away, and following in their footsteps can provide you with impressive results.

Calling an Expert

In spite of your best effort, keeping mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your skin is all but impossible. Even though you can minimize the population, you can still expect to get bit on occasion. If you want to achieve lasting results, turn to the team at MosquitoNix Charleston!