Keeping a Mosquito-Free Yard

It is a common concern for many on how to keep a mosquito-free yard… Mosquitos can ruin your holiday events, barbeques and other outdoor activities in a matter of minutes. In addition to causing discomfort, these pests can also carry diseases. You can enjoy a mosquito-free yard when you use our professional pest control services. We strive to provide you with a comprehensive action plan to deal with your problem as fast as possible. We can quickly identify the source of the infestation and take appropriate actions that will eliminate the pests from your property. Mosquito infestations do not have to limit your ability to enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor area around your home. Our service plans are designed to customize a solution that addresses your particular problems.

What Attracts Mosquitos?mosquito-free yard

Mosquitos are attracted to moisture and scents that are sweet. This means that they will tend to swarm during the most, humid months of the year. They are also attracted to outdoor areas where flowers and other plants grow. Trees that contain sweet sap will also serve as a magnet for mosquitoes. They are also attracted to the body heat produced by humans and animals. The water vapor that is excreted through the respiratory system will attract mosquitoes to the area. CO2 is a huge attraction for mosquitos, which is very unfortunate for us humans! They also tend to gravitate towards dark colors for protection against other predators. They are likely to swarm around dense foliage, trees and opaque backgrounds. Mosquitos have sensitive receptors, which allow them to detect attractive smells from a distance of up to 100 feet. Although it is not possible to eliminate all of these attractive features from your back yard, you can use our professional pest control services to help minimize their impact.

Mosquitos are difficult to control without professional tools and equipment. These pests are extremely small, and they travel in large swarms. Even if you are successful at eliminating a large number of them using various methods available to consumers, it is unlikely that you can get rid of the entire swarm and their nests. Mosquitos build their nests in a variety of places that are difficult to locate. Professional services may be necessary in order to locate these nests and prevent the next wave of mosquitoes from hatching. Once these pests infest an area, they are very difficult to eliminate. There are many places available for mosquitos to lay eggs, and few consumers understand their breeding patterns well enough to locate them and eliminate them from the property.

Professional Pest Control

Our skilled and experienced pest control professionals can assist you every step of the way. We work with a variety of customers in both residential and business environments, so we understand the unique requirements of each location. We work closely with each customer to ensure that you receive the types of services that you actually need. This is customized in order to account for the specific requirements of your particular business or home environment. Contact us directly at your earliest convenience if you have any concerns about our methods, materials and procedures.