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4 Tips to Keep Your Family Barbecues Safe This Summer

Family barbecues are a staple of summertime. According to the National Fire Protection Association, June and July are some of the most popular months for grilling. But the summer months are also some of the most common times for grill-related accidents. So, it’s important to practice safety precautions to prevent barbecue-related safety issues. Here are four ways you can keep your family barbecues safe this summer.

1. Keep the Grill in the Ideal Location

If your grill is too close to your home, underneath a wooden canopy or too close to standing water, you can create a fire hazard. Grass and trees are natural fire hazards for barbecue grills. It also doesn’t help that standing water, trees and grass attract insects, including pesky mosquitoes. So, place your barbecue grill away from these spots and put it on a flat, open-air area, such as your patio. Also, empty out any standing water from pots and other containers to keep mosquitoes at bay.

2. Make Cleaning a Regular Routine

Avoid flare-ups by keeping your barbecue grill cleaned regularly. If you don’t remove the grease and fat that builds up on your grill overtime, it can add extra fuel to the fire. Spot clean your grill each time you finish using it to keep your grill safe and sanitary. Also, perform a thorough cleaning of the grill’s parts after each grilling season.

3. Don’t Leave a Lit Grill Unattended

You should never leave your barbecue grill unattended, especially when children or pets are around. Keep kids at least three feet away from the grill during and after your barbecuing.

4. Keep Mosquitos Away

Keep your barbecue mosquito-free with the help of a mosquito control service. MosquitoNix provides effective mosquito yard treatment to help you protect you and your guests from invasive mosquitoes. The natural ingredients from the MosquitoNix mosquito spray system also kills mosquitoes within an hour without using chemicals that harm bees. Get peace-of-mind to keep your pets, kids and families safe from mosquitoes, spiders, gnats and other pets with MosquitoNix Charleston.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re grilling for your immediate family or hosting a family reunion for extended family members, it’s important to put grill safety best practices into place to keep your family barbecues safe during the summer. Just follow these tips, and you can enjoy your family barbecues with ease.