For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, pests can be annoying, preventing them from engaging in their favorite activities. Mosquitoes, however, can transmit deadly diseases, and countless people die as a result of the problem. If you would like to protect yourself and your loved ones, take the time to learn about these diseases and what you can do to stay out of harm’s way. People often prefer to believe that getting a disease would never happen to them, but that mistake puts them more at risk than ever. When your health and future are on the line, you can’t afford to take chances, and the following information will point you in the right direction.


When preventing the diseases carried by mosquitoes is at the front of your mind, learning about malaria is a great place to start. Caused by a parasite, this illness can remain dormant for several weeks before you will even notice the symptoms. South America, Asia and India are the places in which you are the most likely to catch malaria, and people who travel to those areas usually take preventive medications before their trip and after they return. Fatigue, fever and night sweats are just a few of the symptoms that you can experience once you become infected.

Zika Virus

Although you are the most likely to find the Zika virus in Africa or Asia, the illness has recently made its way to the United States. The symptoms vary based on the strength of a person’s immune system, but they can include joint pain, eye pain and vomiting. The virus will remain dormant for several days before the red flags start to appear.

West Nile

Sleeplessness, disorientation and paralysis are what you can expect from the West Nile virus. About 20 percent of infected individuals get the symptoms, which can be fatal at times. Because mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus can be found throughout America, it’s vital for everyone to take steps to prevent the disease from spreading. Seniors and children are the most at risk.

Protecting Yourself

If you don’t want to face the deadly diseases that mosquitoes transmit, you are probably searching for ways to keep the pests away. When you go outside, you should consider wearing shirts that have long sleeves and using a high-quality mosquito repellent. Removing standing bodies of water near your home or office will work wonders when it comes to reducing the threat.

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