Areas like Charleston are often flooded with mosquitoes during the warm and humid summer months. They will swarm in large numbers and create problems for anyone who is attempting to enjoy the outdoors. Mosquitoes will draw blood by leaving a prick on the skin full of saliva, which may become infected as the body’s immune system responds to the insect bite. Our clients are often interested to know what happens to these insects during this intense period.

Mosquitoes in Winter

Our customers are often curious about the disappearance of mosquitoes during the cold winter months. We receive many calls that address this question in some detail. This is a good line of questioning because the mosquitoes will appear to vanish entirely for the winter before returning in the spring. We attempt to explain that the mosquito population will go down in the winter, but there are several ways that they can survive. Ultimately, the answer to this question depends partially on the type of mosquito and what behaviors they use to survive. Our pest control experts at MosquitoNix are always available to answer detailed questions about mosquito behavior during winter.

There are many different species of mosquitoes, so it is only natural that they will use different methods to survive the winter. Some mosquitoes will burrow inside the warm areas of a tree and hibernate during the cold months. They will find an area that blocks the chill of the winter air in order to avoid hypothermia. Other types of mosquitoes will seek out holes left by moles, rodents and other wildlife. They can easily survive the winter by protecting themselves from the elements in this manner. They may also hide in abandoned buildings as well, or they will find areas that are isolated and bundle up for the winter in discarded boxes and other refuse.

Other Survival Patterns

Some mosquito colonies will die off during the first portion of winter, and yet they will also seem to reappear during the springtime. This is possible when they lay eggs in the soil before they perish from the cold. The eggs will be protected if they are buried well during the winter, and they will promptly hatch as soon as the temperature changes. Occasionally, one group of mosquitoes will develop a unique method of hibernating during the cold, so this is an important variable to keep in mind when planning an elimination protocol at MosquitoNix.

Our Company

MosquitoNix is proud to offer premium pest-control services to residential and business customers in Charleston. Our company has served this area for many years, and we are always interested in growing our base of support. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement possible, so we do everything we can to ensure that your area is free from these pesky insects. Our professionals at MosquitoNix are capable of treating the area with repellent, so you and your family members can enjoy the Charleston area without the threat of a mosquito biting into your skin. Contact us today for additional information.