A Charleston Winter

 Charleston winters bring a lot of unwanted pests of all shapes, sizes and species that can cause potential problems for you and Charleston winteryour home. Don’t let them be your problem. Let’s expose some truth on some common myths about winter pest control.

A lot of people tend to think that pests just vanish during the wintertime. We are here to tell you that is not true. Pests, whether they be insects or rodents they have to survive just like us humans do. Not only that… they will do anything to survive at all costs. This includes invading your home! Therefore many resort to pest control.

Winter Pest Control?

Many might ask themselves if pest control is even needed to during winter times. Well, let us tell you that it sure can be an absolute necessity for some.

The main reason winter pest control can be so crucial is that many pests tend to hibernate in peoples homes. You can probably guess why! Warmth and a nice place to stay. If you don’t want your home to become the Winter Pest Inn, you should consider pest control professionals.

All Pests Hibernate During the Winter

People also tend to think that most all winter pests hibernate during winter. This is not necessarily true and more importantly, it is where they hibernate that can become the issue.winter mouse

The pests that do hibernate are usually looking for three things, food, warmth and water. Unfortunately, your home can provide all three of those essentials pieces for successful winter hibernation.

Small rodents like mice and rats will actually remain active year-round and do not typically need to hibernate. Moreso mice for the Charleston homeowner. This being said, they are still on the hunt for food, warmth and water.

Insects Die-Off

winter ant

Some believe that many insects just die-off during the winter. While this may be true for some species it is not for many others. Especially the ones that can cause problems for your home. From cockroaches, termites to ants and spiders, many common
Charleston household insects are very resilient.

Put Out the Flame

If you truly want to a pest-free home you need to prepare ahead of time. It is always important to have regular inspections of your home done so that any potential problems can be identified. Sometimes winter pest control from professionals is necessary to get the job done. Pests are on a mission to fight all year-round in reality, therefore we need to fight back!