If you live in Charleston or the surrounding area and want to enjoy time outside with your family, you are probably wondering what steps you can take to keep mosquitoes at bay. Unless you do something to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, mosquitoes can spoil the fun and force you to stay inside.

Mosquito Repellent not working In some cases, mosquitoes will even spread harmful pathogens that can cause diseases or death. The good news is that you can try several things when you want to protect your family from mosquitoes.

Sprays and Creams

Whether you are going to your backyard, a park or somewhere else but don’t want mosquitoes to bite, you can find a range of creams and sprays that will keep them away. DEET is a common chemical found in sprays and is what prevents the pests from biting you, but the concentration you will need depends on the amount of time that you will spend outside.

Sprays containing 10 percent DEET offer up to 90 minutes of protection, and sprays with 15 percent will last for several hours. When you use DEET on your children, never apply more than a 30 percent solution if you don’t want them to get rashes.

Misters and Foggers

If you would like to protect your property from mosquitoes and to go outside without stress, you can do so without sprays or creams if you use misters and foggers. You can set misters up around your yard, and they will consistently release a repellant into the air.

You will want to check the side of the box when you buy a mister so that you will know how much space it will protect if you would like to get adequate coverage. Foggers are also great for keeping mosquitoes away from your family, and you will spray them in locations in which they lay their eggs.

Additional Steps

In addition to using foggers and sprays, you can also take other steps to keep your family safe from these invaders. Removing standing bodies of water from your yard will take you far when it comes to reducing the mosquito population. Instructing your family to wear pants and long sleeves will decrease the number of bites they will get on their arms and legs.

The MosquitoNix Solution

You can achieve noticeable results when you take steps to get rid of mosquitoes, but you won’t always be able to enjoy the best results possible. If you don’t want to take chances, contact the MosquitoNix team as soon as you get the chance. We can place misters around your yard and provide you with monthly treatments, and you will never need to worry about mosquitoes when you spend time in your yard. Our helpful experts are waiting to answer your questions, and we invite you to reach out right away.