MosquitoNix® FAQ's

If you’re interested in MosquitoNix misting and want to learn more, feel free to browse through these questions and answers to get a complete overview of the products and services that we offer. For more information on questions that aren’t available here, call our Charleston office directly. A staff member will be glad to assist

MosquitoNix Charleston is a fully automated misting system that knocks down and repels mosquitoes, small flying insects and arachnids. Our system uses a derivative of pyrethrum-based spray from plants to keep your property free from bloodsucking insects and other pests. All spray nozzles and tanks are installed around your property and filled with a replenishable misting solution.

Each system includes a spray reservoir, pump, automated control unit and a series of nickel-plated spray nozzles. The control unit will be placed in discreet location. A fully automated timer triggers the system to mist your property 3 times daily. Around dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active, the system will release bursts of spray for 45-second intervals. You may also use your included remote control for additional misting between programmed applications. Plus, a back-up power supply will save your personalized settings during and after a power failure.

Our mosquito misting system is ideal for residential and commercial properties where mosquitoes and other flying insects can create health concerns and compromise the comfort of residents and guests. Mosquitoes in San Antonio have been found to carry West Nile virus, Zika Virus, equine encephalitis and other serious blood-borne illnesses. They also inflict irritating bites. Our system can wipe these problems away and create a fly-free zone around your deck, pool, patio, farm buildings or business. You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities without swatting away annoying insects or worrying about mosquito-borne diseases.

MosquitoNix Charleston has a variety of secondary benefits. First, the system doesn’t only fight mosquitoes. It protects against no-see-ums, whiteflies, gnats and small flies. Second, if fleas and ticks are a problem, the system can help protect your pets from these nasty critters that lurk in the grass. Third, MosquitoNix is designed to be highly efficient and to give you complete control over your environment. For example, if you’re having a barbeque, you can set the system to mist the yard twice in the hour before your event to ensure that all mosquitoes will be gone before the party starts.

The cost of a MosquitoNix mosquito misting system depends on the size of your yard and the extent of your mosquito problem. Because each system is customized for your unique requirements, there isn’t a fixed price. However, we will be happy to provide a free yard evaluation and estimate. Call us today to set up a time that’s convenient for you. We offer both in-home and virtual consultations and exact pricing.

Recent research has reported mosquitoes do breed in gutters. Places like your gutters, where you overlook small puddles of standing water, are the best places for mosquitoes to breed undisturbed. Gutters also provide a place for mosquitoes to harbor and is considered a conducive condition that should be corrected 1 to 2 times per year, depending on your city location and the presence of trees.