MosquitoNix® Charleston FAQS

MosquitoNix offers comprehensive services to all of our customers, and we also go the extra mile by providing relevant information and educational services. Learn more about mosquito control by reading our FAQs.

The MosqutioNix misting system is a professional installation, and it is completely automatic. It disperses a fine mist that repulses insects, so they will stay away from the area. This is an outdoor system, so it also repels spiders, gnats, fleas, ticks and other common garden pests. You can install a MosqutioNix mosquito misting system around any home or office to keep the critters away from your property. The misting solution is comprised of a chrysanthemum base, and it is released in short intervals of two to four sessions per day.

MosqutioNix created a mosquito elimination system that functions through a control unit, and it has a pump run by a motor. These parts can be stored in an outdoor area like a shed or garage. It is activated by a timer, which causes a solution of pyrethrum to traverse the length of the lines. This misting liquid enters into the distributor, which routes the spray to the nozzle heads. These nozzles are made from silver and nickel, and they release the misting solution at least twice but no more than four times per day. The spraying lasts for 20 to 45 seconds, and this action can be controlled remotely. There is also a battery backup system to ensure that the timer continues to function even if the power goes down.

In addition to premium mosquito control, this system will also eliminate unwanted garden pests from the area. The mist is designed to repulse as many critters as possible, and this includes ticks, fleas, gnats, flies and other common insects. This system enables people to take control of their back yard area to enjoy community gatherings, celebrations, barbeques and holidays. In addition, the system can maintain a pest-free environment, so people can enjoy a variety of activities in their outdoor areas. Most areas can be prepared within an hour of the misting, which is perfect for events that must occur on short notice.

The MosquitoNix Charleston mosquito misting system is designed to accommodate as many people as possible. Residential areas will benefit, but business owners can also improve the experience for their customers by eliminating pests in the areas around the office. Insects that bite can be detrimental to any business, and this includes public pool areas as well as entertainment districts. The misting system is also ideal for common areas in residential neighborhoods, and this includes decks, outdoor patios, lawns, hot tubs and swimming pools.

Our solutions are often customized to meet the needs of the customer within the context of their state. The local laws might be strict in one particular region, for example. Charleston customers can benefit from our free cost estimate services to assess your specific situation.

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We’ve had a MosquitoNix Charleston system at two of our homes, for the last 6 years. Not only do they work!!! Honestly it’s the difference of being able to be in our yard/pool, and have NO misquito bites all season , where as without the system, I am covered with bites.

Andrea Winckler

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