Summer in Charleston is a wonderful time. Up to the moment the mosquitoes start biting, when all bets are off. In addition to being an irritating itch, mosquitoes may seriously injure both people and animals by spreading infections and illnesses. The solution doesn’t merely include using pesticides. A comprehensive strategy is necessary to successfully keep these pests at bay.

Don’t Use Fragrant Body Products

Although certain fragrances serve as mosquito repellents, some body lotions and perfumes have the opposite effect. If you’re going to be outside when there are a lot of mosquitoes around, it’s better to avoid using fancy-smelling perfumes, colognes, body washes, or lotions. From night till sunrise, usually between April and October.

Put On Light Colored Clothes

It turns out that darker-colored materials are more appealing to mosquitoes. You should cover up if it isn’t too hot outside. By the end of the evening, you’ll have had substantially fewer mosquito bites if you’re wearing long sleeves and pants.

Reduce Shade by Pruning Hedges and Mowing the Yard

To avoid the noon heat, mosquitoes prefer the shade. Mosquitoes are protected by the shade provided by hedges, shrubs, and thick grass. The less shady locations they find, the less likely they are to gather in your yard since they require a place to escape the heat and light throughout the day.

Trim the shrubs and hedges, and mow the lawn once a week at the very least. To reduce shade and prevent these weedy parts from becoming into overgrown jungles, mow or till the weedy areas. Invite your neighbors to follow suit. If you don’t, you’ll just drive the mosquitoes next door, and they’ll keep coming back.

Eliminate Any Standing Water

Mosquitoes will gather near your home if there are accessible water sources there. Why? Because standing or slowly flowing water is where mosquitoes deposit their eggs. By eliminating these water sources, you reduce the amount of mosquitoes that lay their eggs nearby, which results in fewer mosquitoes surrounding the house overall.

Old tires, cans, swimming pools, and pool covers are some of the worst offenders for creating water sources. Any ceramic or plastic planters that are empty and gather water should be taken out. Keep an eye out for water accumulation around the home and be sure to clear up your gutters as much as you can. Mosquitoes also have an easier time finding food in birdbaths!

For Serious Infestations, Contact the Professionals

Mosquitoes love to gather in large wooded areas, ponds, and lakes. You should seek the assistance of your Mosquitonix Charleston Mosquito Control District since treating these areas by yourself is nearly impossible. 

Although local regulations differ and services are tailored to the area, Mosquito Control frequently sprays for mosquitoes when their population reaches a particular threshold. This is also a smart move if an exceptionally large number of mosquitoes are infesting your yard.

Get a Professional to Treat Your Yard 

Insecticide will be applied to your yard by qualified exterminators. If Mosquito Control will not spray your property, call an exterminator to spray the greenery. This ensures a mosquito- and insect-free celebration for at least a few days. Have the foliage sprayed weekly for an (almost) mosquito-free summer.

Although you may purchase sprays on your own, we advise leaving pesticide application to the experts. They can purchase more potent remedies that are only available to certified exterminators. They are also aware of which insecticides to use and how much to use in order to eliminate mosquitoes without endangering other animals. The pesticides provide very little damage to people and animals when used as directed on the label.

Run The Fans At Ground Level

In particular, body scents and the carbon dioxide we breathe out attract mosquitoes. The chemicals that our bodies release into the environment hang in the air and enable mosquitoes to focus on us, which is when the biting begins. Mosquitoes are confused by rapid air movement, and by eradicating these obvious human indicators, we become more invisible.

Therefore, switch on the fans and place them on the ground to disrupt the fragrance patterns. For last-minute events or gatherings, this straightforward approach is surprisingly efficient. Mosquitoes are poor fliers due to their small weight. They are prevented from entering your entertainment area by the fans’ airflow, which makes it impossible for them to fly.

Need help in winning your battle against mosquitoes? Contact Mosquitonix Charleston! Feel free to call us to learn more about our services and effective solutions.

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